Cinco de Blog

Today’s blog is brought to you by…(you guessed it), the number 5.

For those of you who don’t know me as well, my favorite number is 5. It started back when I was just a young buck and it was my number in township soccer and basketball. I would fight my teammates later on in junior high and high school to get my number “5” jersey when soccer season came around. That’s how it’s always been.

Up until recently, I had never realized the significance of the number and God just blew me away when He showed me its significance. I LOVE IT WHEN HE DOES THAT. I was just sitting there, and He was like “Hey, check this out” and I was amazed by what He showed me. He’s been showing (and teaching) me A LOT recently and this was like the icing on the cake so to speak. You may be thinking “it’s just a dumb number”, BUT IT’S NOT. God uses TONS of numbers throughout Scripture for many different significant and important reasons. THREE, TWELVE, and SEVEN are all “important” numbers that come to my mind when I think about important numbers from the Word.

Here’s the quote that was given in church that knocked my socks off: “In Scripture the numerals are used with Divine design and precision. Five stands for grace or favor. When Joseph desired to show special favor on his brother Benjamin we read, “portions were taken to them from Joseph’s table, but Benjamin’s portion was five times as much as any of theirs.” Five and its multiples are stamped on every part of the tabernacle. It was with five loaves the Lord Jesus fed the hungry multitude. The fifth commandment is the only one with a promise…” (A.W. Pink).

This is what got me. Five stands for grace or favor. FIVE. MY NUMBER! And wow, has God showed me both of those things so abundantly even when I DEFINITELY DON’T deserve them. In all my years in Christian school AND college, I had NEVER heard this and it’s just really awesome that God chose to show me this now. Recently, I’ve found myself shooting hoops in my backyard a lot these days and I’ve found that it’s also a really good time to talk with my Heavenly Father. And it’s cool cause I’ve received signs of His grace, favor, and peace in my life as I’ve been out there. I’ve been learning to pray A LOT recently as well and as I’ve been growing in that spiritual discipline, I’ve developed what I’m currently calling a “sign prayer” or “confirmation prayer”. Here’s the connection with shooting hoops for those of you who are thoroughly confused at this point (sorry, not sorry). Call me crazy, but as I’m talking to the Lord (AND listening, cause let’s be real, prayer involves A LOT more listening than talking) I’m shooting from “my spot” which is at the back center of the court. I attempt to make FIVE shots in a row while I’m praying and if I do, I take it as a “sign” or “affirmation” that that specific prayer is what I should be praying for and that God has heard it and will answer it in His time. So far, I have seen His grace and favor through this AND I have received signs (AND ANSWERS! PRAISE GOD) directly related to those prayers AND a peace and assurance that He has heard me and is gonna take care of everything. That’s definitely not the only way that I’ve been praying and seeking the Lord, but it’s directly connected to FIVE so yeah…Jesus is awesome.

AND…I also just remembered that when I was 18, my family was blessed with a 5th member (my lil bro). Whoa, this just keeps blowing my mind the more I think about it!

I continue to look forward with anticipation to all that the Lord has in store for my life. Even as I type this blog, I have experienced His grace and favor first hand even as He protected my sister and I as her car decided to break down (and thankfully not explode) as we drove down the highway to Virginia to drop her off for an intensive college course. It’s been a crazy awesome adventure so far and I look on toward the horizon to what He has in store.

So the next time you see the number “FIVE” remember that it is a sign of God’s grace and favor and that He has blessed us more than we can ever comprehend or imagine!

“For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
    the Lord bestows FAVOR and HONOR.
No good thing does He withhold
    from those who walk uprightly.
Lord of hosts,
    blessed is the one who trusts in You!”  PSALM 84:11-12

Thanks for reading and in the words of Vanilla Ice, “Let it rip, tater chip.”


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